Lesson Title: Inventions of the Industrial Revolution
Subject Area: Social Studies
Grade Level: 7th grade
Teacher: Margueritte Daniel

‍Learning Objective:

Students will think critically about different Industrial Revolution inventions and support an opinion about which inventions are the most influential.

‍South Carolina Social Studies Academic Standards:

  • Standard 7-3.5: Explain the impact of the new technology that emerged during the Industrial Revolution, including changes that promoted the industrialization of textile production in England and the impact of interchangeable parts and mass production.

‍National Educational Technology Standards for Students:

  • Creativity and Innovation-Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.
    • Uses technology to create a PowerPoint
  • Research and Information Fluency-Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
    • Uses Internet to research information
    • Uses Search Engines to research information
  • Technology Operations and Concepts-Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology an concepts, systems, and operations.
    • Uses Internet to gather information

‍Activities and Computer Functions:

‍Materials Needed:



What is the importance of inventions of the Industrial Revolution and how did it change the world?

‍Data Manipulation:

Computer Function
Computer Application
Data Manipulation
Research information
Students will use the internet search engines to research Inventions from the Industrial Revolution.
Write a summary on each invention and include a picture
Students will use PowerPoint to present information found on Inventions of the Industrial Revolution.

‍Planning Computer Activities

‍Before Computer Use:

  • Play the video, "The Industrial Dream." This song describes the changes that the Industrial Revolution brought to industrializing nations.
  • Ask students to write down as many inventions and changes as they notice while watching.
  • After the video, have students share the inventions that they heard and write them on the SmartBoard.
  • Explain project details

  • After reviewing the project, students should have an idea of the inventions they would like to write about.

During Computer Use:

  • Students will plan their PowerPoint on a piece of paper by jotting down information as they research.
  • I might suggest that students bring up PowerPoint and have it minimized so that they can write about one invention at a time as they add to their PowerPoint.
  • Students will research their selected inventions.
  • Students will find pictures of their selected inventions.
  • Students will create a PowerPoint.

ESL students will be required to research five inventions and create a PowerPoint with a paragraph about each invention. They will also be required to have a picture of each of these inventions on each page. If they have trouble comprehending as they research, they should use the on-line Spanish-English dictionary provided in the materials section of this lesson.

‍After Computer Use:

  • Students will present their PowerPoint
  • Students can debate on what the most influential invention of the Industrial Revolution
  • Students can use the Debate Worksheet to organize their ideas, arguments, and rebuttals.

‍Supporting Activities:

This video is actually a very funny and entertaining summary of inventors, inventions, and their creation.


PowerPoint rubric